Emotional Intelligence: The Elusive Concept in Organziations


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is an interesting concept that kind of escapes people in terms of its use, effectiveness, and the overall controversy over its general existence. Some people believe it shows how you handle emotions; some believe it helps with …

The MOVE Technique to Unleash Your Success

move out

  Motivate Yourself Open Your Mind to What You Want Visualize Infinite Possibilities Expect Success Motivate Yourself Stand and create for yourself a circle of success. To do this, envision a circle on the floor near where you stand. You …

Overcome Your Negative Thoughts


One of the biggest setbacks for many people is their internal dialog. This internal dialog can be called self-talk. Self-talk introduces itself in many ways. For example, as you think about your life right now, you might remember times when …

Influencing Yourself and Others


Change often involves learning how to do an activity in a new way. Sometimes, the method is new; at other times, it’s just your mindset. In the book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, the five authors examine people who …

Why Not Set Goals?


There are five reasons people don’t set clear goals and write them. Many people say they can’t take time to sit and write, but no one is that busy. The real reasons are probably deeper, involving the fact that if …

Ideas to Make Your Life Successful

successful ideas

Confidence is a good thing, and it is necessary during an interview, but always remember, don’t come off as a know-it-all kind of person. The basic idea is to appear humble yet confident. Body language tells a skilled interviewer everything …

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